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Elemental Attribute System


Elemental Attribute Types and Relations

There are four types of elemental attributes and two types of holy-unholy attributes. Each attribute has an opposite, as follows:

    • Fire Attribute <--> Water Attribute
    • Earth Attribute <--> Wind Attribute
    • Darkness Attribute <--> Divinity Attribute

Attack damage depends on the difference between the value of the attacker’s attribute and that of the defender’s attribute.

Bestowing an Attribute

Attributes can be bestowed to items that are S-grade or higher. This excludes shields, shirts and accessories.

In order to bestow an attribute to a weapon or piece of armor, an attribute item is required. Players can acquire attribute items in new high-level hunting areas (Isle of Prayer and Hellbound).

    • Attribute stones – can increase the given elemental attribute up to level 3

An item may have only one attribute type added to it at a time, but each armor piece can have different attributes applied to them.

An attribute is applied by double-clicking the item from your inventory.

A player’s attribute values are shown in Character Status Window (Alt+T).

An attribute on a weapon increases the attack power of that attribute (image below left). On the other hand, an attribute on armor increases the defense power of the opposite attribute (image below right). For example, a water-attribute stone increases armor's fire resistance.



When bestowing attributes to items, there is a chance to fail; however, the failure will not crystallize items nor reset the previous attribute value.

Players may trade an attribute stone for an opposite-attribute stone at an Attribute Master NPC. But please note that only stones can be exchanged. Crystals, jewels and energies cannot be exchanged.

In order to add a different attribute to an attribute-enhanced item, the Attribute Master NPC in Aden or Rune must cancel the original attribute first (there is a fee associated with this). Once the original attribute has been removed from an item, a new attribute may be applied.

For weapons, only two attribute powers can be stacked--the weapon's attribute power and a buff's attribute power. If a weapon's attribute type and a buff's attribute type are the same, the weapon will gain a stronger attack power for that attribute type. If the weapon's attribute type and buff's attribute type are different, only the weapon's attribute will be applied. For armor, all defense-related attribute buffs will be applied to that of armor.


Attribute Potions

An attribute potion can be purchased from an Attribute Master NPC in Aden or Rune Castle Town.

There are six types of potions that correspond to the six different types of elements. Each potion increases the given elements defense power by 30 for a duration of 10 minutes. Like any other consumable item, Attribute Potions are used by double-clicking the item from your inventory.

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